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Neighbor Capital

Food Desert Solutions

Healthy Families Project


In autumn of 2009, Peapod and NEIGHBOR CAPITAL began to strategize on solutions for Chicago’s Food Desert communities. Later that year, Peapod retained Mari Gallagher Research & Consulting Group to complement and enhance the impact of their Healthy Families collaboration through robust empirical analysis. As part of this effort, MG conducted a block- level study to identify the greatest at-risk families in the Food Desert who might be suffering now or in the future from obesity, diabetes and other diet-related conditions. This document provides the summary of our findings.

Click the link below to download and view the initial research document from Mari Gallagher Research & Consulting Group:

The Peapod & Neighbor Capital Healthy Families Project (pdf)



Watch the NBC interview here:
Nearly 600,000 Chicagoans Live in a Food Desert


Peapod & NEIGHBOR CAPITAL Chicago Sun-Times Article

Peapod helps wash out Chicago’s food desert



Navigating Chicago’s food deserts (RedEye)
New Online Programs Target Food Deserts (Supermarket News)
Online Grocer Peapod Takes on ‘Food Deserts’ (FOX Business)
Online Grocer Peapod Takes on ‘Food Deserts’ (PR Newswire)
Peapod Aims to Eradicate Food Deserts (Progressive Grocer)
Chicago food deserts hit hard at residents’ health (Medill Reports)
Peapod tackles Healthy project (Daily Herald)

NEIGHBOR CAPITAL Food Desert Solutions

1. Increase Access to Fresh Foods
• Drop Sites
• Carts & Trucks
• Retail Stores

2. Improve Existing Food Systems
• Schools
• After-School Programs
• Businesses
• Restaurants
• Convenience Stores

3. Empower Local Entrepreneurs & Create Neighborhood Employment Opportunities

What's new at

Neighbor Capital’s newest social purpose business, Neighbor Carts, creates new vendor opportunities with an entrepreneurial spirit. Neighbor Capital is providing Chicago residents the opportunity for economic success through an unconventional retail structure.

Learn more...

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