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1. Are Neighbor Carts just fruit carts?

As a social-impact business, Neighbor Carts are two things in one –retail produce cart AND a vehicle to bring neighbors and neighborhoods together. Just like a corner coffee shop or neighborhood store, Neighbor Carts are designed to be a reliable location for people to get the healthy goods they need.

2. Who funds Neighbor Capital?

Neighbor Capital, LLC, is a privately funded, social-impact business. As a social-impact business, Neighbor Capital generates revenue in a variety of ways, including: through sales of produce, cart leases and corporate sponsorship.

3. What is a “social-impact” business?

Social-impact businesses are businesses that don’t just marry impact with business but rather are businesses specifically designed to continually impact targeted causes. As the business grows, so does the social-impact

In our case, Neighbor Capital tackles two social causes: under/unemployment and access to healthy and nutritious food. As we grow, so do vendor opportunities and access to healthy foods throughout Chicago.

4. How many carts/vendors will there be in 2012?

This year, Neighbor Capital will roll out a total of ten Neighbor Carts and place at least 20 vendors.

5. Will Neighbor Capital, LLC expand?

Neighbor Capital expects this social-impact business to grow to 10 carts in 2012 while building a foundation to support further growth in 2013 and beyond.

6. We heard Neighbor Carts is run through StreetWise.

Neighbor Carts is a Neighbor Capital endeavor.

Neighbor Carts has engaged StreetWise to be our gateway to street vending. StreetWise is screening all prospective Neighbor Cart applicants as well as providing job readiness and support, as needed, to vendor candidates. As part of the arrangement, StreetWise will facilitate a one-time half-day vendor readiness orientation for prospective Neighbor Cart vendors.

Additionally, StreetWise brings invaluable experience drawn from their remarkable 20 years of experience of street vending in Chicago

7. Who can lease the cart system?

We are looking for self-starters with engaging personalities. Basic English and math skills are also required. Anyone interested should call Neighbor Capital.

8. Where are/will the Neighbor Carts be located?

Neighbor Carts are mobile in nature and will be located throughout the city of Chicago. The carts will be seen in high foot traffic locales, as well as in food deserts and under-resourced neighborhoods.

9. What is Neighbor Capital, LLC’s role in Neighbor Carts?

Neighbor Capital, LLC, is a social-impact business with extensive involvement in testing various sustainable opportunities prior to launching Neighbor Carts.

Think of Neighbor Capital, LLC, as an umbrella or headquarters, and Neighbor Cart vendors as independent contractors who lease out Neighbor Capital’s carts – similar to a taxicab company.

10. Do you have to be StreetWise vendor first to become a Neighbor Cart vendor?

Neighbor Capital looks to place individuals best suited for the opportunity. After someone is hired, they will receive support from several organizations.

StreetWise is working with Neighbor Capital to identify prospective cart vendors both from peer workforce agencies in Chicago and through independent referrals.

11. Do you source local produce, why/why not?

All vendors receive produce from the Chicago-based, International Produce Market.

Neighbor Capital believes in local produce, and in the future, plans to source financially feasible produce from local farmers.

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Neighbor Capital’s newest social purpose business, Neighbor Carts, creates new vendor opportunities with an entrepreneurial spirit. Neighbor Capital is providing Chicago residents the opportunity for economic success through an unconventional retail structure.

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