Neighbor Capital


NEIGHBOR CAPITAL: A social enterprise that collaboratively develops sustainable solutions that empower communities by uniting social impact with market opportunity.


Our Mission

Our mission is to transform communities through creating opportunities for entrepreneurs, agencies, government and corporations to participate in sustainable social impact. We seek to sustainably develop solutions that renew and restore communities while engaging lower-wealth populations. In everything, we uphold the dignity of our neighbors through active partnership, honesty, integrity and respect.

Our Focus

Our focus is to provide a single source of innovative solutions and sustainable ideas that:

• Improve health and wellness for individuals in traditionally underserved communities
• Improve and create jobs for individuals with employment hurdles
• Improve the environment and promote healthy green space

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a domestic leader in developing social impact programs and services that benefit and empower lower wealth individuals and communities.

We are committed to a double bottom line with social impact goals that shape how we do business and profit goals like traditional businesses.

Our Goal and Objectives

Our goal is to sustainably be a powerful change agent among traditionally underserved communities and to grow at a challenging and manageable rate. More specifically, NC objectives are:

Change Agent – To be an active and enterprising social partner to the community and environment in the quest to create improved opportunities in underserved communities.

Sustainable – To generate sufficient profit to finance future growth and to provide the resources needed to achieve the mission of the company and its investors.

Growth – To grow the business at a rate that is both challenging and manageable; leading the market with scalable and sustainable solutions that can be easily replicated.

Other Involvements

A Platform to bring communities affordable & healthy produce and raise resources and awareness for schools & causes. We partner with Peapod to extensively penetrate food deserts with fresh fruit bundles through contract and sponsorship orders. Learn more…

Fresh Today

Bringing Healthy produce and foods to corner stores in food deserts and beyond. Learn more…



John Piercy started Neighbor Capital in 2009 to collaboratively develop sustainable solutions to social challenges, specifically within Chicago. Prior to launching Neighbor Capital, John served in a VP role for a national non-profit where his experiences ranged from leading national fundraising, budget development, and incorporating non-donor driven sustainability to operations. Prior to this, John worked as an auditor at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

In addition to his work in Non-Profit Management and Audit, John is an entrepreneur at heart. Over the last seven years, he has been active as a partner in numerous retail start-ups as well as a lifetime of involvement in a 4th generation family shoe business. Beyond this, John’s experience living in under-resourced communities within Chicago has compelled him to launch multiple enterprising social initiatives, including, opportunities for employment, loans to local entrepreneurs and housing in low-income communities. The collection of these experiences led John to launch Neighbor Capital to sustainably achieve the maximum social impact.

John graduated in Accountancy from the University of Illinois and currently lives in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood with his wife, Priya, and sons, Timmy and Tommy.


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Neighbor Capital’s newest social purpose business, Neighbor Carts, creates new vendor opportunities with an entrepreneurial spirit. Neighbor Capital is providing Chicago residents the opportunity for economic success through an unconventional retail structure.

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