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Neighbor Capital wants to thank The Hitachi Foundation for selecting us to be a part of the 2012 Class of Yoshiyama Young Entrepreneurs.

Neighbor Capital, LLC is a business that not only marries social impact with business, but rather thinks long term — Neighbor Capital is specifically designed to continually impact targeted causes. As the business grows, so does the social-impact. In our case, Neighbor Capital tackles two large social causes: under/unemployment and access to healthy and nutritious food. As we grow, so do vendor opportunities and people’s access to healthy foods throughout Chicago.

Social-Impact Business is not optimistic thinking; it’s realistic thinking. Neighbor Capital, develops real-time economic solutions that empower both low-income and under-served residents, and at the same time, provides for-profit companies unique, lifestyle and health-related marketing opportunities.

Neighbor Capital’s main objective is to create jobs for the unemployed and under-employed, as well as promote wellness in all Chicago communities. Since 2009, Neighbor Capital has been leading this mission and is now a principal change agent consistently helping underserved Chicago residents.

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Neighbor Capital’s newest social purpose business, Neighbor Carts, creates new vendor opportunities with an entrepreneurial spirit. Neighbor Capital is providing Chicago residents the opportunity for economic success through an unconventional retail structure.

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